Many of us plan to set up new routines and develop good habits in January. January feels like a fresh start, so it’s the natural time to recalibrate our habits. However within few weeks or maybe in a month or two these plans and routines vanishes.

When you keep a routine, it’s to make healthy choices. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy deciding what to do when you’ve created healthy habits to guide you. Here are few tips to set yout routine.

Bed Time And wake Up time

A set bedtime and wake-up time. Try to keep the same bedtime and wake time every day of the week if possible. This makes it easier to both fall asleep at night and wake-up in the morning.

Make your Bed

One in three guys regularly leaves his bed sheets disheveled, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Don’t be one of them: Minor as it seems, reconstructing that rumpled bedding represents the first small task of your morning.

Completing it makes you feel more accomplished, which can set you up for a day of getting stuff done.


Exercise is one of the most effective ways to take care of your mental wellbeing. Decide when you’re going to exercise and then get it on your calendar. Try to get in a little every day – the gym after work, or a walk at lunch, or riding your bike to the store.


Prioritize your to-do list. Sometimes I just want to get some of the quick and easy items knocked off my list and I’ll do those first. The problem is that these may not actually be priorities. Do the most important thing first (not what’s hardest, or easiest, or quickest).

Start fresh

A morning shower wakes you up. But what scent you wash with can have a big effect on your mood for the rest of the day.

Research suggests lavender can help you relax, mint can stimulate your brain, and citrus can reduce stress. Scrub and sniff away.

Thank someone

Show gratitude before you leap to start your day.

Give a buddy props on Facebook for his good advice, or simply lean over and thank your wife for pulling dinner duty last night while you unexpectedly worked late. these simple acts of kindness can make you feel happier and less likely to avoid things you don’t really want to do—like drive to work and spend all day in a cubicle.

This reminds your brain how many people play a meaningful role in your life


Keep and update of what’s happening around the world. However keep in mind that watching just 3 minutes makes. On the flipside, “starting your day with a solution-focused, inspiring story tells your brain your behaviour matters in the face of a challenge,” says Gielan. “This sets you up for success.”

Eat Right

A healthy breakfast. Breakfast seems to set the tone for the day. Eating early and nutritiously sets you up with energy and for healthy eating during the rest of the day.


Taking medications at the same time daily. Consistency with your medication serves as a reminder to take them and keeps them working properly.

Fun and Pleasure

Fun and simple pleasures. That’s right, your routine also needs things you do for pleasure every single day. We all have our own ideas about what’s fun, so be sure your routine also includes things that make you happy. Just be sure that what you’re doing for pleasure is healthy; sorry, this isn’t a loophole for drinking a six pack every night!

Family and friends

Build and enjoy your relationships. Make time for the people who matter to you. Family dinner is an excellent place to start. A regular date night with your spouse and coffee with friends can also be good routines to set.

This may look like a big list of things to do.Many of the items can be grouped together.The most important thing to remember about creating a routine to support your mental health is that it’s a work in progress. You don’t have to add all of these things to your routine this week. Start where you are and add one healthy habit to your routine at a time. If you don’t keep to the routine perfectly, that’s fine. Self-forgiveness is also good for your mental health.

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